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From the community

The last 2 years were historic. Now lets secure our future!

Representative Liz Miranda is a first-generation Cape Verdean-American and lifelong Roxbury resident. She is a Wellesley College alumna and proud graduate of the John D O’Bryant School of Mathematics and Science.

Liz is a community leader who has been building coalitions to connect and improve Boston’s youth development sector and community arts scene for over a decade. She is an active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Boston Alumnae Chapter. Previously, Liz served as the Director of Youth Opportunity Development at Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI) and on numerous local non-profit boards.

For the community

People are listening. Now’s the time to ‘Save Black Lives’

People are listening. Now’s the time to ‘Save Black Lives’

As a girl growing up in Roxbury and Dorchester, I never aspired to represent my community at the State House. Politicians didn’t look like me. They didn’t come from where I came from, and they sure as heck didn’t seem to put the needs of my family front and center. I’ve spent my whole life here in Boston and I know what it’s like to feel at odds with the police. I know the sting of racism and I’ve seen how violence – at the hands of gangs, criminals, and the police – can break down families...

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Miranda talks of family, Cape Verdean issues in first House speech

Miranda talks of family, Cape Verdean issues in first House speech

State Rep. Liz Miranda, representing the Fifth Suffolk district, delivered her "maiden" speech in the House chamber last month. Photos courtesy Rep. Miranda's office In her first speech to the House chamber on Beacon Hill last month, state Rep. Liz Miranda, representing Roxbury and Dorchester in the Fifth Suffolk district, focused on urging her fellow representatives to fund a Cabo Verdean Cultural Center. Miranda, the co-chair of the Cabo Verdean Cultural Center Feasibility Commission,...

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