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Monday, September 3, 2018

Beloved Community,

This morning I was forwarded an email sent to the community about me. I wish the writer would have called, emailed, or came by my office on 246 Bowdoin Street to discuss this before launching an attack on me 24 hours before the election.


I understand his staunch support of my opponent. However, I stand ready to serve him and everyone in our community, including charter school parents, if elected to the State House. I categorically disagree with this representation of my campaign in that email.


I am a lifelong supporter of Boston Public Schools and a proud graduate of Boston Public Schools. I am incredibly proud to be a daughter of this community and the daughter of a woman who is a 25 year+ union worker. My team and I can proudly say that we have run a clean, inclusive, and resident led campaign. As a first-time candidate, we have engaged family, young people, and many who were on the fringes of the democratic process. We have raised a considerable amount of funds from residents throughout this district, because of my integrity, history of community impact, and coalition building across sectors.


That email is wrong. I have no knowledge of DFER support and am not "in bed" with any special interest groups.  Period.


If elected, I plan to work on ensuring everyone in the 5th Suffolk District has access to high quality educational opportunities from cradle to career. I will work with union and non-union workers, public, charter, and private schools, residents of all ethnicities, races, & ages in both Dorchester and Roxbury.  I am not leaving anyone behind and I believe that our campaign has clearly demonstrated this inclusiveness.   


For over 15 years, I have partnered with our school systems, worked closely providing out of school opportunities, supported teacher pipeline programs within our system, as well as dedicated much of my time inspiring youth to use education to overcome poverty. 


I will be a forceful champion for all of our residents, one that creates an environment that works for EVERYONE. I believe in the power of "AND", not "OR".


I look forward to the opportunity to work with all residents of the 5th Suffolk District. I can be reached at 617-602-7785 or


All the best,

Liz Miranda

Paid for and Authorized by the Committee to Elect Liz Miranda 

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