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DORCHESTER, MA, 28 July 2018 – Spirits were high on Saturday, as the Committee to Liz Miranda, candidate for 5th Suffolk District Massachusetts State Representative, hosted over 200 guests during the grand opening of their new campaign headquarters on Bowdoin Street. The Committee welcomed guests and visitors, providing food, refreshments, and volunteer opportunities. As well as this, the Liz Miranda campaign accompanied dozens of new volunteers to canvass and drop campaign literature at hundreds of houses in the neighborhood.
“This election is about community, relationships, and people. What we saw here today was a culmination of all three: building community, through relationships, with people. I am honored to have had such a turnout – it shows that our message is resonating with voters, and I know they feel more connected to our campaign after today,” Miranda said.
Liz Miranda is a well-known community advocate in the 5th Suffolk District, and has called this district home for her entire life. Recently, Governor Baker awarded Liz the BigTime Peace Award for her work with Score4More in organizing the SaveRStreets basketball tournament. The largest two-day peace event in the city, SaveRStreets works to combat gun violence in Roxbury. Liz is currently the director of the Hawthorne Youth and Community Center in the Jackson Square area, which provides out-of-school enrichment for youth and resources for families.
The Democratic primary election for the 5th Suffolk State Representative seat will be held on September 4th, 2018. The Liz Miranda campaign has knocked on thousands of doors and had hundreds of conversations with voters about the district’s greatest challenges and what government can do to help overcome these challenges. Liz’s main focus is on youth development and education, gun safety and reducing violence, and economic development and equality. She is a lifetime community organizer, running a people-centered campaign to build bridges and create lasting change in the 5th Suffolk District.

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