Legislature Extends Session Deadline

Caucus Members Cite Unfinished Business

Although the Legislature was scheduled to wrap up its business on Friday, July 31, the House and Senate agreed on July 29 to extend the session. With no set end date in sight, legislators have more time to revisit bills, amendments and reports that are pertinent to the COVID-19 crisis criminal justice reform priorities members of the Legislative Black and Latino Caucus have been pushing over the last five years.

“This session extension does not affect the urgency of enacting the Reform, Shift + Build Act; I am confident that our colleagues in the House share our commitment to acting on this matter by the end of the week,” Senate President Karen E. Spilka said in a statement.

There are several key components of the Reform Shift + Build Act that legislators are now looking to pass, and the Massachusetts Black and Latino Legislative caucus is currently refocusing its efforts.

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